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My dissertation project, Agents of Mass Construction: Cities Bridging Local and Global Governance, explains why cities localize: the process by which cities translate norms embedded in international agreements into local policy. Using the case of climate action in Southeast Asian cities, the project explains the motivations and capacity of local vis á vis national governments for climate decision-making. In doing so, it makes a case for taking seriously the critical role cities can play as both catalysts and inhibitors of innovation–within and beyond climate governance.

Broadly, I am motivated by questions on how global norms translate into local action and lived realities. My research is grounded in the study of norms and global governance, but traverses the political economy of climate and environment, (sub-)state capacity, and human rights and international law. I have a regional focus on Southeast Asia, particularly Manila, Philippines; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Bangkok, Thailand. 

Below are selected research projects. Please see my CV for a more comprehensive list of my research pipeline.

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